Letters need this information:

Re: Inmates name: Hooker, Cameron
CDCR# D18324
HEARING DATE : APRIL 16, 2015 AT 8:30 AM

TO: Board of Parole Hearings
P O Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036


General facts: All The Facts About ‘The Girl In The Box,’ The Terrifying Case Of Colleen Stan

Wikipedia summary: Kidnapping of Colleen Stan

On Hooker’s Parole: Man who tortured ‘girl in the box’ denied parole

From Colleen’s perspective: Colleen Stan opens up about being kept in a box 23 hours a day by Cameron Hooker and his wife Janice

From Colleen’s perspective: Woman who was raped and tortured every day for seven years says she would ‘go somewhere else’ in her mind to cope with ordeal

On Slavery Contract: Cameron Hooker Kidnapped And Held Colleen Stan As A Sex Slave

Court Document from Parole Hearing Outlining Events:

From Colleen: Girl in the Box Speaks: How I Survived My Seven-Year Ordeal

General history of what happened & background on Hooker Family:

On Marie Elizabeth Spannhake: Marie Elizabeth Spannhake

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