Murder of: Laci Peterson

In early 2003, the media and tabloids were all about one couple, Scott and Laci Peterson. On Christmas Eve 2002, Laci, 7 and a half months pregnant with the couple’s first child, went missing. From the very beginning, police and the public were quick to suspect Laci’s husband, Scott. Convicted with little tangible evidence, Scott’s behaviors after Laci’s disappearance and his secrets, led many to suspect him of this terrible crime. As the investigation began to unfold the public was captivated by what could have gone wrong for this young, beautiful, and seemingly happy couple.

Captured: Colleen Stan

On May 19th, 1977, Colleen Stan, a 20 year old woman from Oregon, headed to the birthday party of a friend who lived in Northern California. Because she had no money and no car, Colleen decided that she would hitchhike the 400 or so miles from her home in Eugene, or to her friend’s. This was something that she’d done many times before and she felt confident that she would arrive safely at her friend’s house.

The Butcher of Plainfield : Ed Gein

While our past few episodes have been focused on more recent cases, the one we are going to be sharing with you today takes us back nearly 70 years. But despite how long ago these events took place, the legacy of Ed Gein’s crimes lives on in popular culture today. While his name may not be as immediately recognizable to you, pieces of Ed’s story can be seen in famous movies, TV shows, music, you name it. The interest in Ed’s crimes comes from their unique and gruesome nature. Many have attempted to dissect Ed’s upbringing and psyche to better understand what led him down this dark and disturbing path.

The case of: Vanessa Guillen

To give you a little bit of background, Vanessa Guillen was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she lived with her mother, father, and five other siblings. She loved to run, play sports, particularly soccer, and was an avid weightlifter. Vanessa, like the rest of her family, was devoutly Catholic, and committed to her education, graduating in the top 15% of her high school class. According to Vanessa’s mom, she had talked about joining the military since she was 10 years old and when she graduated from high school Vanessa enlisted right away in the US Army. Like any mother, Gloria Guillen was worried for her daughter after she enlisted, but Vanessa was adamant and wanted to defend her country. Vanessa was particularly close with her older sister, Mayra who recently turned 22. Mayra flew out for Vanessa’s graduation from basic training, and supported her sister’s ambition to be in the army, even when their mother wasn’t quite so sure. Mayra remembers her sister telling their mother, who only speaks Spanish, about her choice to enlist: “Without a doubt, mami, it is the law of life.”

The Lake Oconee Murders

On December 15, 1950, Shirley Wilcox got married to a World War II veteran named Russell Dermond. The two were both New Jersey natives, who relocated to Georgia in the 1980s so that Russell could manage a chain of Hardee restaurants in the Atlanta metropolitan area. He was a hard worker and a successful businessman. Shirley was a homemaker and raised their four children: a daughter, Leslie and three sons, Mark, Keith, and Bradley. Over the many years they had together, Russell and Shirley also helped care for nine grandchildren. They were a picture perfect family.

Doomsday Cult Mom: Lori Vallow

Today’s case is one that just recently popped back in the news, but it’s actually been ongoing for almost 8 months. This is about the disappearance of Joshua “JJ” Vallow and his older sister Tylee Ryan who went missing from Rexburg, Idaho in September of 2019. And the suspect behind it all is someone who you would least expect. Their very own mother.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Gregory Jean Jr

It was 2010, Gregory was 9 years old living with his brother and mother in Orlando Florida. His dad wasn’t really in the picture especially since he was living in Georgia. His mom and dad were never married, but were separated.. And although his dad was in Georgia, he still wanted to be a part of his kids’ lives, well so he says and His mother felt it would be ok to let her two sons visit their father, Gregory Jean Sr, in Georgia where he was married to a woman named Samantha Davis and they had their own family. So the two boys went alone to GA to meet with their father.. From what we know everything went well. But When it was time to leave.. Gregory was forced to stay in GA with his dad and step mom, while his brother went home with his Mom. ‘and his step mom flooded thoughts in his head that his mom didn’t want him anymore and that it would be better he stays here with is dad.