Doomsday Cult Mom: Lori Vallow

Today’s case is one that just recently popped back in the news, but it’s actually been ongoing for almost 8 months. This is about the disappearance of Joshua “JJ” Vallow and his older sister Tylee Ryan who went missing from Rexburg, Idaho in September of 2019. And the suspect behind it all is someone who you would least expect. Their very own mother.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Gregory Jean Jr

It was 2010, Gregory was 9 years old living with his brother and mother in Orlando Florida. His dad wasn’t really in the picture especially since he was living in Georgia. His mom and dad were never married, but were separated.. And although his dad was in Georgia, he still wanted to be a part of his kids’ lives, well so he says and His mother felt it would be ok to let her two sons visit their father, Gregory Jean Sr, in Georgia where he was married to a woman named Samantha Davis and they had their own family. So the two boys went alone to GA to meet with their father.. From what we know everything went well. But When it was time to leave.. Gregory was forced to stay in GA with his dad and step mom, while his brother went home with his Mom. ‘and his step mom flooded thoughts in his head that his mom didn’t want him anymore and that it would be better he stays here with is dad.

Disappearance of: Jaime Feden

This week we will be talking about a recent cast about a woman who was 33 years old. Her name is Jaime Rae Feden. She was a very sweet and trusting person who lived in our neck of the woods, Bethel Park, PA. She was driven 2200 miles from PA to Las vegas Nevada..about a 32 hour drive straight through.. Where she was murdered. To this day, her family and friends are still trying to wrap their minds around what happened.

The Sleepwalking Murderer: Kenneth Parks

The big question revolving around this case is…Can you commit murder in your sleep? It seems crazy, and well, very unlikely. However, in this episode we will cover one of the most controversial cases of sleepwalking homicide… A Canadian murder which happened in may of 1987 was executed by a man who claims he was sleepwalking drives for miles and attacks his own mother and father in-law. When we first heard this case, we couldn’t believe his defense was taken seriously, because, sleepwalking… really.. I have never seen someone actually sleep walk but I’ve been told I have walked in my sleep..

The Exorcism of: Anneliese Michel

Anneliese was liked by everyone… she was born in Klingenberg Germany on Sept 21st 1952.. And was named after her mother whose name was Anna michel and also was loved by her father, Josef michel.. Growing up in a very strict catholic home, they attended church multiple times a week along with her three sisters named Barbara, Gertrude, and Roswitha. Her and her sisters were taught to atone for their sins… This was taken to an extreme level where it was known that Anneliese would sleep on the floor to atone for the sins of drug addicts that would sleep on the ground at the train station.

Murder of: Esmeralda Gonzalez

Today’s story is about a young woman named Esmeralda Gonzalez who is a beautiful 24-year-old woman who had no intentions of leaving or running away…She was described as a Hispanic female standing 5 foot tall and about 110 pounds with long bleach blonde hair and brown roots at the time she went missing. And was very active on instagram with 300,000 followers and listed herself as a college graduate, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communications… and worked as a real estate investor. It was also said by multiple media stations that she also worked in the adult entertainment industry.

Murder of : Martha Moxley

Martha was a 15 year old girl living in a ritzy neighborhood where everyone was pretty wealthy. She just moved into a beautiful huge house with her parents the previous year.. Across the street lived Two boys named Michael and Tommy…Michael was 15, the same age as Martha and Tommy who was 17 lived without many rules, they basically could do whatever they wanted, and they often got into trouble.

Missing Case of: Savannah Spurlock

It was Friday, January 4th 2019 and a night out with friends was much needed. Especially because Savannah has her hands full with 4 boys, two of those were twins that she just gave birth to 4 weeks earlier…the the other two were four and two and the kids were in good hands as their grandparents were watching them for the first time since she’s given birth .. And let’s be honest..for those of you that are parents, we all need that from time to time.