Serial Killer: Shawn Grate

Every town has its good and bad… but in a small town of Ashland, Ohio with a population of approximately 20,000 people, an evil man lurked the streets. And when you think evil.. Do you think of some scary guy with a ski mask on? Well, it was someone who appeared to be that same guy who held the door for you last, or the one you saw sitting in traffic or walking past you along the street.. Just an everyday person. This case will really show us that you really..can’t trust people. Well this man was named Shawn Grate he was 41 years old committed 5 murders since 2006 to when he was finally arrested in 2016 where he was given the death penalty. And his explanation behind all of this? He said he felt it was necessary to protect society. Now all of these women who were first missing cases, unfortunately were not taken too seriously for whatever reason.

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Comic Book Killer: Blake Leibel (Patreon / Himalaya only)

Blake Leibel was born May 8, 1981 into a very wealthy family growing up in Canada along with his parents named Eleanor and Lorne Leibel, and his brother, Cody.. Both of their parents were extremely wealthy individually, so the kids grew up with very lavish lifestyles. However, while the kids were still young, the parents agreed to be separated, while Blake lived with his mother, and Cody lived with his father.

Murder of: Skylar Neese

Skylar was a beautiful girl with bright blue eyes, known to be energetic, and was really a good kid.. she was very bright in school as well …she was about to be a sophomore…and had a 4.0 grade point average, all while working after school at Wendys… She lived with both of her parents in a small West Virginia town called Star City… Just about 9 mins away from WVU..

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Murder of: Valerie Reyes

This week we will cover the missing case of Valerie Reyes. She was a beautiful 24 year old girl living in a small apartment, which was actually the basement of a house in Rochelle, NY.. she worked at a Barnes and noble at the Vernon Hills Shopping Center in Eastchester for three years. Her co-workers loved her for how charming she was and how hard of a worker she was. When it came to work she lived by a phrase her mother used to say, ‘when you are at work, you work!’.

Murder of: Kelly-Anne Bates

This story is about to test your morbid curiosity. One so gruesome, even today it was unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. A story that takes up to Manchester, England. A sadistic killer who tortured a 17 year old for weeks. And please bare with us, as I know we’re going to have a hard time with this one.

Murder of: Lauren McCluskey

Lauren was born in 1997 in Berkeley, California. She was very bright and active and was always energetic as a young child. She started out as a young track star at age 8 and stuck with it all the way through high school and into college. Her parents celebrated her athletic success with trophies and medals in their home. She excelled at track in high school winning state in the high jump her senior year, and accepted a Track and Field scholarship at the University of Utah. In college she was an all star on and off the field. She competed in the outdoor Pac-12 Championships and was also honorable mention Pac-12 All-Academic.

Killers of: Manitoba

This week’s episode is about a recent case which happened in Manitoba, Canada so recent that Canadian police are still trying to hunt down two young individuals who are wanted for murder who names are Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18. Along the hunt for these killers, police are following what seems to be a trail of staged evidence. The two look to be pretty normal looking guys, but it just so happens that they are wanted for 3 murders, happening only miles apart from each other.