Serial Killer:Robert Pickton

This week, we are bringing you the story of a serial killer who went undetected for years in British Columbia and by the time he was captured, he was one victim away from having killed 50 women. Fifty! Today we’re covering the life and capture of Robert Pickton, a pig farmer whose horrific crimes make him one of Canada’s most prolific serial killers.

The Horrible Death of Jessica Lane Chambers

The small town of Courtland, Mississippi isn’t perfect by any means, but when 19 year old Jessica Chambers was found burning alive along the side of the road on a horrible night in December of 2014, her small community did whatever they could to help find justice for her. For months, police interviewed, searched, and questioned as much as they could to find a lead, but all that they had to go off of was a partial name she whispered out in her last moments alive.

The Disappearance of Danielle Stislicki

This week, we’ll investigate the case of a 28 year old woman from Michigan who disappeared after work in December 2016. Authorities quickly pieced together what appears to be a solid case against one of the victim’s acquaintances from work, and all signs pointed to murder. But, in the four years since Danielle Stislicki was last seen, her body has never been found and the prime suspect isn’t giving anything up. However, her family and the many local police departments involved have remained committed to seeking justice and finding answers. It seems now in 2021, they might get just that.

Lost at Sea: Rebecca Coriam

Our case this week investigates the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam–the first person to go missing from a Disney Cruise Line on March 22nd, 2011. Since she vanished many have tried to piece together what little evidence there was from the scene and the investigation, but with Disney officials refusing to comment, a minimal and insufficient police investigation, and only one short clip of CCTV footage, there is not much to go on. Was Rebecca a just the unfortunate victim of a stray wave or is there more to this tragic story?

Murder of: James Hutchinson

Only a month ago, Brittany Gosney, a 29 year old mother of four, and her 42 year old boyfriend, James Hamilton, walked into the police station in Middletown, Ohio to report that her six year old son had gone missing. They said that when they had gone to sleep the night before, he was safely in his bed, sound asleep in Batman pajamas. But when they woke up the next morning, James had vanished.

The Mysterious Death of Joshua Maddux

When free-spirited Joshua Maddox failed to return home after leaving for a walk in May of 2008, authorities and family members believed the 18 year old had simply left to start a new life after the sudden loss of his brother two years earlier. For seven long years, there were no signs of Josh and no new leads pointing to his location. That is, until a stunning discovery in the chimney of an old house less than a mile from Josh’s childhood home shattered the families hopes at a happy outcome.

The Brutal Rebellion of Sarah Gonzales-McLinn

Sarah Gonzales-McLinn was only 19 years old when she drugged, tied up, and nearly decapitated a man she once thought of as a father, 52 year old Harold Sasko. While Sarah herself has admitted to her crime and the details of the murder itself are clear, her motivation and the trauma that led up to the murder were hardly mentioned in her trial.