Prom Night Murders: Jeff Pelley

Because it is prom season, we have a story to tell you that might have you second guessing your prom date, or maybe having you rethink your prom date a few years ago. No but seriously this is something you don’t often hear too much when you hear about prom stories. Especially when prom is a time for excitement with your friends, picking out that special prom gown or a well fitted tux. It’s what you look forward to up to senior year. To some it just one of those things you definitely can’t miss out on.

Murder of: Jessie Blodgett

Jessie was a very caring young women, and was loved by her friends and family. She was known for being exceptionally gifted in music. She loved to play piano and violin.

Jessie had many friends and surrounded herself with musically talented people like herself. As a creative and inspiring young musician, she was often playing and writing music with good friends, and dreamed to share her talent with the world.

Cannibal Killer: Katherine Knight

The morning of February 29th 2000, in the small town of Aberdeen Australia, police get a call from a concerned co-worker. The police are asked to perform a wellness check on a man named John Price who did not show up for work. Police pull into John Price’s driveway where his vehicle is still parked. After a few unanswered knocks on the door, Police notice blood near the doorway and decide to enter the house. What they walk into is something that will scar them for the rest of their lives.