Murder of: James Hutchinson

Only a month ago, Brittany Gosney, a 29 year old mother of four, and her 42 year old boyfriend, James Hamilton, walked into the police station in Middletown, Ohio to report that her six year old son had gone missing. They said that when they had gone to sleep the night before, he was safely in his bed, sound asleep in Batman pajamas. But when they woke up the next morning, James had vanished.

The Mysterious Death of Joshua Maddux

When free-spirited Joshua Maddox failed to return home after leaving for a walk in May of 2008, authorities and family members believed the 18 year old had simply left to start a new life after the sudden loss of his brother two years earlier. For seven long years, there were no signs of Josh and no new leads pointing to his location. That is, until a stunning discovery in the chimney of an old house less than a mile from Josh’s childhood home shattered the families hopes at a happy outcome.

The Brutal Rebellion of Sarah Gonzales-McLinn

Sarah Gonzales-McLinn was only 19 years old when she drugged, tied up, and nearly decapitated a man she once thought of as a father, 52 year old Harold Sasko. While Sarah herself has admitted to her crime and the details of the murder itself are clear, her motivation and the trauma that led up to the murder were hardly mentioned in her trial.

Murder of: Kevin Bacon

In 2019, Kevin was working as a hairdresser while finishing up a degree in Applied Psychology. On Christmas Eve of that year, he ventured out to meet a man he had been chatting with on the dating Grindr. When he didn’t make it to a Christmas breakfast the next morning, his family and friends knew that something terrible had happened. But as the investigation unfolded, what they found was worse than they could have imagined. Since meeting new people in the 21st century often involves dating apps or online platforms, getting together in person for the first time can be nerve racking. As Kevin’s story proves, it’s important to make sure you really know who you’re meeting. It could be the difference between life and death.

Shocking Murder of: Fahim Saleh

Our case this week details the grisly murder of young, up-and-coming tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh At the time of his death this past July, he was only 33 years old, but his companies had amassed millions of dollars already. Given the gruesome nature of his murder, police originally hypothesized that it was the work of a professional hitman or assassin, but it turns out, the murderer was someone much closer to Fahim.

The Covina Massacre

In more typical years than what we all experienced in 2020, the holiday seasons mean families are gathering, gifts are exchanged, and for some, it’s the most joyous time of the year. On Christmas Eve of 2008, Joseph “Papa Joe” Ortega and his wife Alicia, were hosting a festive holiday party for their children and grandchildren at their home in Covina, California. When they opened the front door that night, while the party was well underway, to a man wearing a Santa Claus costume and holding a large gift-wrapped package, they had no idea the devastation that would ensue when that man opened fire on the unsuspecting family.

The Evil Murder of: Bobbie Jo Stinnett

In 2006, Bobbie Jo was absolutely thrilled to be pregnant with her first child. When she met Lisa Marie Montgomery online who shared that she was also pregnant, and just as big of a lover of dogs as Bobbie Jo was, she thought she had made a wonderful new friend. Instead, Lisa Montgomery would become famous as only one of 50 other women to be placed on Death Row for what she did to Bobbie Jo.

The Murder of Child Star Judith Barsi

The name Judith Barsi might not sound familiar to you at first, but we’re sure once you saw a picture or heard her voice, you’d immediately recognize her as Ducky from Land Before Time, with the famous words, yep yep yep! or Anne-Marie from All Dogs Go to Heaven, the young girl who friends two dogs and teaches them the importance of love and friendship.. or maybe Thea from Jaws: The Revenge And we know this case is going to be a tough one to get through.

Billy Mansfield Jr Murders

Today we are going to give you a deep dive into not only Billy Mansfield Jr, a man convicted of murdering and assaulting at least five women in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but we’ll also look into the violent and criminal pasts of his father and brother. These crimes were committed almost 50 years ago, but a discovery on the Mansfield property in Weeki Wachee, Florida, has led to new questions about the scope of Billy’s murders and who was really involved.