Murder of: Sydney Loofe

For tens of millions of people around the world using Tinder today, what are the chances you are talking to someone who seems like the perfect match, but whose intentions may not be the same as yours. Sadly, it’s cases like Sydney’s that happen when you least expect, and although this case seems very strange, it actually gets even more strange as we get a little deeper into the details.

The Story of: Skylar Richardson

As a senior in high school you have a lot to look forward to such as your senior prom, your graduation, and for many, a new chapter of your life is about to begin with college starting in the fall.

Brooke Skylar richardson, who goes by Skylar, was no different, in 2017 she was a senior in high school and was living out a pretty typical life, as a senior in high school. She was blonde, potite, and popular, known as a good student, had a bunch of friends, didn’t drink, smoke or party.

And like many of her friends, she had big plans in the fall and was looking forward to attending The University of Cincinnati, to study psychology, but suddenly her life took an unexpected turn, and she was left hiding a secret from all of her friends and family for the rest of her senior year.

Disappearance of: Mackenzie Lueck

Where do you look for someone when their phone has been shut off for five days and as a college student, hasn’t showed up for important classes that you know she would never miss. Mackenzie Lueck was 23 when she went missing just a few weeks ago on June 17th, 2019. Family and friends were doing all that they could as they were counting the days when they last heard from her. They spent hours and hours of handing out flyers and posting pictures and videos on social media trying to get the word out that Mackenzie is missing, thinking someone HAS to know something. The investigation is still ongoing today, but suspicious evidence starts to appear as police look further into what happened to Mackenzie.

Murder of: Ana Kriegel

Our story takes us to Leixlip, Ireland, a small town outside of Dublin with a population of around 15 thousand people. A pretty quiet town not known for much, other than a few pro footballers and well known Pop star Lily Allen.

Leixlip was given horrible news when young girl at the age of 14, was found murdered. Her lifeless body was found naked in an abandoned farmhouse, covered in bruises and lacerations. This innocent girl had her whole life in front of her, and sadly… it was cut short. Were about to cover her story.

Disappearance of: Jennifer Dulos

The last time jennifer Dulos was ever seen she was driving her 2017 Chevrolet Suburban in the small town of New Canaan dropping off her kids at school the morning of May 24th. A few hours go by and her Mother and her friends notice something is not normal. That day she scheduled 2 appointments and didn’t show up. 10 hours go by, and still Jennifer hasn’t returned any calls or text from her friends or mom and just seemed to have vanished. Around 7pm that night, police received a report that Jennifer Dulos is missing.

Missing and Murdered: Elizabeth Shelley

5 year old Elizabeth Shelley has gone missing from her home in logan, utah just last month. on Saturday Morning May 25, 2019. The 911 call you are about to hear is absolutely chilling. The sound of fear in the stepfathers voice, unsure and unaware of where she might be is so heart wrenching.

Disappearance of: Maleah Davis

Early in May of this year, actually just a few weeks ago, Houston texas was given upsetting and alerting news. On May 3rd a 4 year girl by the name of Maleah Davis went missing. Friends, Family and neighbors were handing out flyers around the community, doing anything and everything they could to try to help find Maleah. She seemed to have gone missing sometime between Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th. To make matters worse, it rained everyday in Houston as they searched for Maleah. So flooding prevented certain areas to be searched.

Prom Night Murders: Jeff Pelley

Because it is prom season, we have a story to tell you that might have you second guessing your prom date, or maybe having you rethink your prom date a few years ago. No but seriously this is something you don’t often hear too much when you hear about prom stories. Especially when prom is a time for excitement with your friends, picking out that special prom gown or a well fitted tux. It’s what you look forward to up to senior year. To some it just one of those things you definitely can’t miss out on.