A Script of Fear : Repeated Threats by Father of Child Actress Carried to Tragic End

(July 28, 1988, Thursday, FINAL EDITION). Child actress slain with mom father blamed. The Toronto Star.

(July 30, 1988, Saturday, Late City Final Edition). Child Actress Is Slain, Apparently by Father. The New York Times.

Press, A. (1988, Jul 28). DAD REPORTEDLY SLAYS CHILD FILM STAR: [SPORTS FINAL, C EDITION]. Chicago Tribune (Pre-1997 Fulltext) Retrieved from

Haunting of tale Judith Barsi shot dead by her dad aged 10 after years of abuseózsef_Barsi#cite_note-agibarsi-4

Inquiry in Barsi Case Dropped Too Soon, Panel Says

The Horrific Abuse & Murder Of Child Actress Judith Barsi, Who Is Best Remembered As Ducky In “The Land Before Time” : TrueCrime

Judith Eva Barsi (1978-1988)

Murdered child star haunts LA home 30 years later, owners say

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