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On 2015 man seen on property & Sills’ “botched robbery extortion” belief: 

Mystery man emerges in year-old Ga. beheading case

On Sills relationship with GBI:

Putnam County murder mystery: Why the sheriff won’t ask the GBI for help

On physical evidence at Dermonds house:

Who Killed Russell And Shirley Dermond? New Details On The Unsolved Murder Of The Georgia Couple

On physical evidence and last days of Dermonds:

GONE COLD | The murders at Lake Oconee: 4 years later, elderly couple’s son opens up

On security cameras and investigation process:

New details as mystery reigns in year-old Dermond lake murders

On theories and profile:

Evidence elusive, but theories narrow in Eatonton murder…

Obituary for Russell Dermond

Russell J. Dermond Obituary – Visitation & Funeral Information

Obituary for Shirley Dermond

Mrs. Shirley Dermond Obituary – Visitation & Funeral Information

General Summary of Events: 

The Macabre Murders of Russell and Shirley Dermond

Reddit thread with links & conspiracy theories: 

What happened to The Dermonds? : UnresolvedMysteries

Timeline of Events:

Timeline of 2 Murders: How the Killings of Russell and Shirley Dermond Unfolded

On Sheriff Sills & profile:

News reports from after Russells murder, before Shirley was found:

Man, 88, Beheaded, His Wife Missing From Home in Gated Georgia Community

Decapitation mystery | Russell Dermond was World War II vet,…

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