Affidavit w description of finding bodies and Tylee and JJ’s last days

PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT: Here are the… – Justin Lum Fox 10 Phoenix

Info on Cellphone Pings from Alex

Cell phone pings from Lori Vallow’s late brother led investigators to the bodies of her children

On Lori absence and being wife of Joseph Smith

Grandparents Of One Of Missing Rexburg Children Speak Out

On Lori’s religious beliefs

Inside the mysterious case of 3 deaths, 2 missing children and a terrified husband

On Lori’s religious beliefs & absence

Documents: Lori Vallow claims she was ‘god preparing for second coming of Christ’

On Tammy’s Death

Documents: Tammy Daybell was still alive when children’s remains buried on Idaho property

On Private Investigator hired by Brandon Bourdeaux

Private Investigator Shares New Details On Missing Idaho Kids’ Cousin, Family

On Preparing a People podcast & Lori and Chad’s Beliefs

Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell’s doomsday beliefs explained

On Last day kids seen

Records: JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan last seen 2 months before investigation

Chad’s Website for his books and publishing company | The Official Website for Chad Daybell

Timeline of Events

A doomsday couple is entangled in a web of suspicious deaths and missing children. Here’s a timeline of the mysterious events connected to Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow.

On Lori’s Arrest

Lori Vallow, mother of two missing Idaho children, arrested in Hawaii

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