Recent Update — bodies found: 

Billy Mansfield: Brother’s drug bust leads to ‘suspicious’ find on property of Florida serial killer

Human remains found at serial killer’s family home in Hernando County


Son thinks innocent: Son of convicted serial killer Billy Mansfield Jr. hopes new evidence leads to different suspect

General history: MANSFIELD Jr., William “Billy” – Serial Dispatches

From Mom: Billy Mansfield Santa Cruz April 26, 1981 – 1

From encyclopedia of modern serial killers: William Mansfield

Finding fourth body: Fourth buried body identified as missing woman

Denied parole: Man Convicted of Brutally Murdering Woman in Watsonville Denied Parole

Found bodies in 80s newspaper,5558411

Newspaper from 80s after salings trial

Finding & Identifying Elaine Zeigler’s body: 

Forensic anthropologists have identified one of the skeletons found…

Family history:,7925101&hl=en

About Albert Lee:

Gary’s Search Warrant & Arrest: Media Release,7401441&hl=en

Mansfield Convicted:

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